Remember to focus on distant objects regularly when doing close vision work (computer work, reading, etc.).
Muscles that change the shape of the lens are relaxed when the eye is focusing on distance.
Too much near-point stress can cause nearsightedness (accommodation spasm in the lens muscles).
Every ten minutes focus on anything that is at least 5-6 meters away, for at least 10 seconds.

Don't force your eyes to see by squinting or staring. This stresses your visual system. Let your eyes move all day long freely and without strain.

Never look directly into the sun or other bright light.
Bright light will damage your eyes.

Protect your eyes from UV rays.
High intensities of UVB light are harmful to the eyes.

Quit smoking.
Smoking worsens blood circulation and tobacco smoke contains many dangerous chemicals.

Get proper computer monitor. Bad computer screen with low refresh rate stresses more your eyes than a good one with better image.

Get enough sleep.

Make sure your diet is healthy and you are having proper nutrients.
Vitamin A is good for the eyes.

Pinhole glasses can be very relaxing when reading or using a computer.
They provide sharper image to retina by blocking extra light rays.
Pinholes can prevent eye strain, because the eyes doesn't have to work so hard to focus.
Never use pinhole glasses while driving any vehicle.

Pinhole glasses are worth trying.

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